Top 3 best retrospec longboard review

retrospec longboard review

Do you want to pass your leisure by doing any exciting activity? If yes, then you can try riding a longboard. A longboard is a kind of skateboard, having some distinct features. This board can be found in various sizes and shapes. Riding a longboard is no lesser fun than any other vehicle. And if you want to avoid motor-based rides, a longboard is perfect for you. let’s start with retrospec longboard review, stay with us.

A longboard is usually made of wood. You need to control the balance while riding it. If you choose the right brand, it would be easier to learn to ride a longboard would be easier. As longboard riding became popular among people, many brands are emerging to meet the demand. But how can you choose the best one among these options? 

Don’t Worry! I will provide you with the latest information about the longboards. This article contains a Retrospec Longboard review as part of this sequel. It is one of the best longboard brands with users’ satisfaction. Let me show you something more about Restrospec Longboards.

why retrospec longboard

Why Retrospec Longboard?

Retrospec is one of the best-selling longboard companies. It also supplies bikes, by-cycles, and so on. This brand offers some well-functioning hoverboard models. Most of these models are highly reviewed by the customers. This high-quality hoverboard brand is also pretty much affordable to all. 

Genuinely, A Retrospec longboard is made of Canadian Maplewood. It is a sturdy board with a high weight lifting capacity. This brand also ensures the comfort of the riders. If you are a beginner, a Retrospec hoverboard can be your best choice to initiate your learning. 

The Restrospec hoverboard is very careful about the safety of its riders. This brand uses the best technology to prepare a longboard. Besides, a hoverboard from this company is a long-lasting one. And for these reasons, you will find several positive Retrospec Longboard reviews on the internet. 

The Best Retrospec Longboards

Retrospec is a famous brand with several longboard models. Among these models, three seemed the best to me. Here I will reveal the reasons for recommending these longboards. So, have a look at my Retrospec longboard review!

1. Retrospec Zed Longboard Skateboard Complete Cruiser

Retrospec Zed Longboard Skateboard Complete Cruiser

Retrospec longboard review: First of all, I will mention Retrospec Zed Longboard as a well-designed one. This longboard contains some classic features. The board is built with 8-ply Canadian Maple wood. Bamboo is also used to increase its strength. The 44-inch skateboard provides a comfortable and balanced ride on your longboard. 

Restrospec Zed Longboard contains high-quality wheels. They help efficiently to avoid wheel bites. So, don’t worry about riding on rough surfaces as it is suitable for all-terrain. Its durable 70x51mm 85A PU wheels with rock finish ensure you the best riding experience. 

For adventure lovers, Restrospec Zed Longboard offers high-speed facilities. Its Persian ball-bearings in the ABEC-7 tolerance grade allows you to run fast smoothly. This board also prevents any kind of slip and grip issues. Overall, Retrospec Zed Longboard is a good option for all. 


  • Retrospec Longboard is a long and wide board.
  • It can carry up to 220lbs of weight.
  • This model is built with high quality and sturdy materials. 
  • The board is able to raise a high speed.
  • It offers three options for choosing colors.


  • This longboard is very heavy to carry. 
  • You might need to tighten the board before use.

2. Retrospec Rift Drop-Through Longboard Skateboard Complete

Retrospec Rift Drop-Through Longboard Skateboard Complete

Retrospec longboard review: The Rift Drop Through longboard of Retrospec is also popular among riders. This longboard contains a unique design. The structure of this board is perfect for riding on all surfaces comfortably. You can easily keep control and balance while riding it. It provides a firm grip containing an 80AB fully covered deck. Besides, its durable 70x51mm 78 PU wheels ensure a smooth and comfortable ride.

Retrospec Rift Drop Through Longboard is also a high-speedy one. Its tolerance grade is ABEC-7. This model has a comparatively lower center of gravity. So, it provides a stable ride. Its maple wood body and extra-durable wheels ensure its longevity. The board is capable of carrying up to 220lbs of weight. 

You can try lots of tricks using the Retrospec Rift Drop Through longboard. It is easy to push the drop-through deck. So, beginners can ride it without any tension. It allows you to control the speed whenever you need it. Overall, this model of the Restrospec brand is a perfect one to buy.


  • Retrospec Rift Drop-Through longboard offers you a risk-free ride.
  • The body of this board is sturdy and long-lasting.
  • It offers you a high-speed longboard journey.
  • This longboard is appropriate for both beginners and pro riders.


  • You might feel a bit shaky while riding it for the first time.
  • The package of this model does not contain any seal. 

3. Retrospec Tidal 41-inch Drop-Down Longboard Skateboard Complete

Retrospec Tidal 41-inch Drop-Down Longboard Skateboard Complete

Retrospec longboard review: The next model of Retrospec longboard is the Tidal 41-inch Drop-down. This longboard includes facilities to ensure a safe ride on rough surfaces. It is perfect for riding down hills and instantly controlling the speed. Its ABEC-7 Ball bearing lets you keep balance after reaching a high speed. 

Retrospect Tidal offers a lower center of gravity. So, it is easy to move the board. It also contains durable wheels of 70x55mm. The board is capable of lifting high weight too. The shape of this model is perfect for free-ride longboarders. It is also well-known for its longevity.

The deck of the Retrospec Tidal is 41 inches long and 9.5 inches wide. This Canadian wood body enables you to fix the position of your feet comfortably. It does not require prior high expertise in riding. In a nutshell, it would be a wise decision if you added this model to your buying list.


  • The Retrospec Tidal longboard is especially recommended for its high speed.
  • It ensures the safety of the riders.
  • The materials used to make this board is high quality.
  • It offers extra facilities for experienced riders. 


  • The bearing attached to this model is comparatively lower quality. 
  • There is an issue regarding the grip tape.
Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts: Retrospec Longboard Review

I think this Retrospec longboard review is beneficial to you. You can choose your favorite model among these three without any doubt. And of course, don’t forget to share your experiences!

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