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jetson hoverboard reviews

amazing Jetson hoverboard reviews :

Riding a hoverboard is undoubtedly an exciting experience. But, do all hoverboards capable of providing the same level of fun? The answer is ‘no.’ The fitness of a self-balancing scooter largely depends on its internal equipment. Not all brands can use high-quality materials while building a hoverboard. So, choosing the right brand is necessary before buying one. 

There are a vast number of companies that deal with hoverboards. Some of them are highly popular. The excessive brand value made the price of their products much costly. Again, most hoverboard companies that sell products at a lower range fail to provide satisfactory functions. In this case, it is essential to find a brand that can meet both requirements. 

It is better to select a self-balancing scooter that can give you the necessary features at a moderate price. Jetson is such a brand that can fulfil your desire. This article will show the Jetson hoverboard reviews, which may help you know the brand.

Jetson hoverboard reviews
Jetson hoverboard reviews

Why Jetson Hoverboard?

There must be some reasons behind my suggestion for choosing the Jetson brand. This brand has achieved a good number of positive reviews from its customers. The in-build materials of a Jetson Hoverboard are quite quality-full. These hoverboards are famous for their safety strategies. All hoverboards of this brand have to pass several tests and safety standards with UL 2272. 

A Jetson Hoverboard is especially appropriate for riders above 13 years old. But, you have to select the right one according to your weight, height, and riding experiences. You can find a variety of models in this brand. Each of the models is top-notch with its functionaries. It allows you to reach ten mph at the range of 12 miles. The designs are also pretty attractive.

You don’t have to face too much difficulties while learning to ride a Jetson Hoverboard. Several Jetson hoverboard reviews are available where the customers ensure that they can easily ride it. This brand includes hand and feet-operated control. So, it becomes easy for the riders to keep balance. Moreover, a Jetson hoverboard can be ridden on any kind of terrain. The price range of this brand is also affordable. For these reasons, you can choose Jetson as the brand for your self-balancing scooter. 

Top 2 Hoverboards of Jetson Brand

As I mentioned earlier, Jetson has made different hoverboards models. It might be difficult for you to select the best one for you. Other Jetson hoverboard reviews may make you feel confused. Here, I’m going to make this task easier for you. By analysing the functions and abilities of several models, I have reviewed the top two models, in my opinion. 

1. Jetson Spin All Terrain Hoverboard with LED Lights

Jetson Spin All Terrain Hoverboard with LED Lights

One of the best models of the Jeston brand is its Spin All Terrain Hoverboard. This model contains attractive LED lights that flash while spinning. The sparkling lights are enough to fascinate the kids. This hoverboard is appropriate for riders above 13 years old. It will be better if a rider aged between 13-16 years is supervised by another person while riding. Kids above 16 years can ride it without facing any difficulties. 

Jetson Spin All Terrain Hoverboard can carry up to 220lbs weight. But, you have to be a person of at least 70lbs if you want to ride it safely. Due to excessive lightweight, the sensors attached to the hoverboard might not work properly. The power of the battery of this hoverboard is 300W. You can increase your speed level up to 7mph. Similarly, the maximum range of the self-balancing scooter is also 7miles. It uses active balance technology to ensure the rider’s safety. 

The most remarkable feature of the Jeston Spin All Terrain Hoverboard is it is appropriate for all types of road. You can even ride it on gravel! Its 6.5 inches tires help to control your speed while riding. The hoverboard also contains a speed indicator sensor that will beep if you cross the maximum speed limit. The internal sensors attached to the board ensure to keep you stable and balanced. It is a pretty well-designed model for the kids. This model contains a safety certificate of UL 2272. 


  • Jeston Spin All Terrain Hoverboard is a perfect model to ride on rough surfaces.
  • It can control the speed limit of the rides.
  • The hoverboard is easy to balance.
  • Its net weight is only 15lbs, so it is easy to carry.
  • The hoverboard supports a vast weight range (70lbs-220lbs).
  • It is made after following all safety measures. 
  • This model contains attractive LED lights.
  • There are also anti-slip grip pads attached to it.


  • This model has a battery draining issue.
  • Some users complained that the hoverboard gets heated after using it for 30 minutes. 

2. Jetson Flash Self-Balancing Hoverboard

jetson Flash Self-Balancing Hoverboard

If you want to buy a Jetson Hoverboard offering a higher speed range, you can choose Jeston Flash Self-Balancing Hoverboard. This model allows you to raise speed up to 10mph at a range of 12 miles. It contains an in-built Bluetooth system. The flashing LED lights have increased the beauty of this hoverboard.  Besides, a high voltage 500W dual hub battery is used in this self-balancing scooter. It works with 100% electric power. 

The battery becomes fully charged within 3 hours. You can ride it for 12 miles after completing the charge. Another amazing feature of the hoverboard is, apps support it. You can choose between 3 different ride modes using the apps. It can track your speed and distance. You may also share your activities with your friends too! 

Jeston Flash Self-Balancing Hoverboard offers you a smooth journey. It can adjust your speed and control even when you are on the highest speed. This hoverboard contains anti-grip mats and all-terrain wheels of 6.5 inches. The net weight of this hoverboard is 19lbs. Moreover, it can carry up to 220lbs weight. The board is equipped with a UL-certified lithium-ion battery. 


  • Jeston Flash Self-Balancing Hoverboard is a safe one to ride.
  • You can ride it on all kinds of roads.
  • The board is UL 2272 certified.
  • It offers a higher speed and range.
  • This model can control your speed and balance.
  • It supports 3rd party free apps.
  • The battery quality is satisfactory.


  • Some of the users faced ‘shutdown’ problems even when the hoverboard was fully charged.
  • Sometimes it shows a ‘sensor error’ sign to the riders above 150lbs after raising the speed to 8mph.

how long does jetson hoverboard last

How Long Does a Jeston Hoverboard Last? 

Generally, a hoverboard battery can work appropriately for 45-60 minutes after getting fully charged. But this time limit varies from model to model. The hoverboards having extra powerful batteries can stay alive for a long time. For example, you can use Jetson Flash Self-Balancing Hoverboard for 3 hours after its full charge. 

By taking care of your hoverboard, you can expand its battery life. It is better to charge it daily and avoid over-charging. Also, you should not let the battery die. 

final thought about jetson hoverboard

Final Thoughts: Jetson hoverboard reviews

Compared to the other Jetson hoverboard reviews available on the internet, hopefully, you will find this article more informative. I have tried to include the features and problems of these two Jetson hoverboard models in detail. Now, it is your turn to choose the best self-balancing scooter for you. I’ll wait to hear your feedback!

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Jetson Flash Self Balancing Hoverboar

Jetson Spin All Terrain Hoverboard

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