How Much Do Hoverboards Weigh: why it is important in (2021)

How Much Do Hoverboards Weigh

You seem curious enough about hoverboards, aren’t you? We can understand your curiosity.

Who doesn’t love a hoverboard? If you want to rule the streets with your hoverboard, you should definitely know couple of things. Let me tell you a question that we always hear.

How much do hoverboards weigh?

You are not the only one with this question. Stay tuned to find out how much do hoverboards weigh? Your hoverboards are much heavier than electric skateboards. On average, a hoverboard weighs around 25lbs.

The weight is around two times more than a mini electric skateboard. There are smaller hoverboards for teenagers. They are much lighter. Hoverboards for the kids normally weigh around 20lbs. Hoverboards having larger wheels weigh the most, around 30lbs. Pretty heavy, right?

The weight should be an issue if you are carrying it. You don’t have to worry about the weight while you are riding the hoverboard.

Weight Range of Hoverboards : (How Much Do Hoverboards Weigh)

Let us tell you how much do hoverboards weigh? Unfortunately, it’s quite impossible for manufactures to produce a hoverboard that is lightweight. Hoverboards are heavy because of their heavy components.

The lightest hoverboards will weigh around 20lbs. Though teenagers might find it quite heavy, adults should find this quite lightweight.

If you are out with your hoverboard but are not riding it, then carrying your hoverboard might be an issue.

Don’t worry, you can find companies selling hoverboard carrying bags. But a carrying bag won’t help you if you bear the hoverboard for a longer period.

The lighter hoverboards can’t be as speedy as the heavier ones. Why?

Because the lighter hoverboards are equipped with a smaller motor. Bigger batteries and motors help the hoverboard to go faster. If you want to go fast, you should go for the heavier hoverboards.The heaviest hoverboards are the off-road ones.

These hoverboards have to endure massive pressure. To make off-road hoverboards durable, they are equipped with a bigger battery, motor, and wheels. Surprisingly, the wheels are responsible for one-third of the weight in an off-road hoverboard.

We do not recommend lighter hoverboards for uneven roads. Beware of the manufactures that tell you that their lighter hoverboards are suitable for rough road terrain. Don’t believe them. Because they use lighter materials to make the hoverboards lighter, which affects the hoverboard’s overall performance.

Why Hoverboard Weigh Important for a Rider?

What Causes Your Hoverboards to Weigh?

Now that you have learned how much do hoverboards weigh, you need to know which features affect the hoverboard’s weight. Let us show you couple of these features.

Size of the Hoverboard :

There are so many different sizes of hoverboards. Everyone is sure to find a perfect size for them.

You should choose a hoverboard according to your height. A rider will find it hard controlling a hoverboard if not chosen wisely. There are small, medium, and big sizes available. These sizes affect the weight of a hoverboard.

Additional Features :

Nowadays, features like LED lights and Bluetooth speakers are added to a hoverboard. These additional features affect the total weight though they are not so heavy. Don’t worry, these additional features can be removed or ignored.

They are only optional. Removing them does not hamper the hoverboard’s function. It depends on your choice whether to keep these features or not. If you prefer a lightweight hoverboard, we suggest you skip these additional features.

Materials of a Hoverboard :

A hoverboard’s weight is significantly affected by the materials used in producing the hoverboard.

There are many material choices available. You will find hoverboards with Aluminum, ABS plastic, Magnesium alloy, etc. A hoverboard having plastic material will weigh less, but shouldn’t offer you durability.

The choice is yours. 🙂

Battery :

A hoverboard’s weight is affected by the battery size. A powerful hoverboard will normally have a bigger battery.

It will be unwise if you want to compromise with the battery size. You surely don’t want a hoverboard that loses its power in the middle of your journey and needs to be frequently charged. So, we recommend you use a bigger battery to get satisfactory outcomes.

Hoverboard Motor :

Motor size affects the total weight of any hoverboard. Don’t think of minimizing the motor size. It would be unwise to do so as it will make your hoverboard unable to carry you through rough terrain.

Unfortunately, there aren’t much you could do with the hoverboard’s weight without comprising with the performance. Wait a bit and you will get accustomed to the weight.

why hoverboard weigh matter

Why Does the Weight of a Hoverboard Matter?

We hope you’ve learned about how much do hoverboards weigh. Now we are going to talk about what makes the weight of the hoverboard a big thing.

The weight significantly affects the riding. A heavier hoverboard means that it needs more pressure to react.

If you’re lightweight, you are going to have a tough time driving heavier hoverboards, especially on turns.

For heavier riders, it’s best to own a heavy hoverboard. If you’re less than 45 pounds, your hoverboard may not function properly. Hoverboards need weight to function properly.

If you’re below 45 pounds, the worst-case scenario is that your hoverboard might not even turn on. In that case, you need to eat more or carry stones in your pocket!

Normally a hoverboard can carry around 220 pounds. The lighter hoverboards can carry much less.

So you should choose your hoverboard according to your age. Heavier hoverboards are costly as they are more powerful than lighter ones. You should know how much do hoverboards weigh before buying one. Because-

  • Sometimes you might carry your hoverboard around.
  • You might need to carry your hoverboard in between classes, offices, games, etc.
  • Your hoverboard might run out of power and you have to carry it back home.
  • Sometimes you might want to carry your hoverboard with you on traveling, camping, holiday, etc.
  • You might be buying one for your kids, so the hoverboard needs to be lightweight.


We hope this article has quenched your thirst. We hope you will find your perfect hoverboard as you know how much do hoverboards weigh. Never compromise with the performance of a hoverboard. If you have any more questions, browse our latest articles on hoverboards. Feel free to leave any comment to show your appreciation.

Happy hoverboarding! 🙂

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