How Fast Does a Hoverboard Go: The Definitive Guide 2021

speed of hoverboard

Are you bored of riding a car, motorbike, or even your bicycle? Do you want to explore your city on your feet fastly? A hoverboard can satisfy your desire in this case. But before buying a hoverboard, you must have specific knowledge about it.

The first question that might spark in your mind is how fast does a hoverboard go?.

In this article, I will answer the common queries regarding the speed of a hoverboard. And if you are willing to know more about hoverboards, just stay tuned with us!

A hoverboard is usually a two-wheeled motor vehicle that allows you to move along the street adventurously. You can find the one-wheeled ones too! While riding a hoverboard, speed plays an essential role in ensuring your safety and giving pleasure as well.

The average speed of a hoverboard is 6-8 miles per hour. Wait! Don’t be disappointed too fast knowing the range! The average speed may sound like nothing, comparing it to a car or motorbike. But when you face this speed on the road without any coverage like a car, it will feel insanely fast!

So you can see, knowing how fast does a hoverboard go? requires basic knowledge about a hoverboard.

speed of hoverboard

Speed of Hoverboard : How Fast Does a Hoverboard Go

I have already mentioned the average speed you can make during your hoverboard journey.

Hopefully, you got the basic idea about your question, how fast does a hoverboard go?.

Now I will let you know some additional factors regarding its speed. 

The speed rate varies in different models of hoverboards. The speedies hoverboard models are- Halo Rover X, Swagtron T6 Outlaw, Segway Ninebot S, Gyroor G-F1 High-Speed Hoverboard, etc.

You can increase the speed up to 10mph while riding these. Again, there is a one-wheeled speedy hoverboard that can escalate your maximum speed to 16 mph! But if you are a new rider, it might be dangerous for you.

You can find many other models of hoverboards that can provide you with an average speed rate, that is, 6-8mph. But, the highest speed range of a hoverboard doesn’t signify the correct speed for you.

You may be comfortable riding six mph, but your friend might not be able to reach this speed. Some essential factors play a significant role in increasing the speed. 

how fast does a hoverboard go

Factors Relating to the Speed of a Hoverboard

1. Weight :

You can find yourself moving fastly or slowly while riding on a hoverboard according to your body weight. Typically, it can take a person weighing 220-300Ibs. It depends on the carrying capacity of the hoverboard.

Some heavy-weight hoverboards can carry up to 400lbs of weight! 

So, you have to choose the right weighted hoverboard to enjoy the best speed. If you are a light-weighted teenager, choosing a heavy-weight hoverboard won’t be a good decision.Because it might slow down your speed. On the other hand, a heavy-weighted person can never go fast, riding a light-weighted hoverboard.  

2. Motor Quality :

As I said before, a hoverboard is an electric motor vehicle. So, obviously, its speed will depend on the quality of the motor. You have to notice the wattage of the motor while buying a hoverboard.

A dual-motor system will give you the best riding experience. It can supply powers equal to two engines.

It will definitely speed up your vehicle. You should also remain careful about water and mud splashes during your ride. These factors will decrease the motor quality.

3. Battery Life :

In general, a hoverboard offers you at least 45 minutes to 5-6 hours of riding at a stake. You should charge your hoverboard according to the mileage you want to ride. You can travel 4-12 miles on an average on one charge. Your speed might depend on the battery level of the hoverboard. 

4. Surface Condition :

The condition of your terrain also affects your speed rate. You can get the best speed on a smooth and straight surface. But it will decrease when the road is rough and has turns. You must be very careful while riding a hoverboard on a slope. It might make your speed uncontrollable and cause accidents. 

 Safety Measures while Increasing Speed

Safety Measures while Increasing Speed

You may find it adventurous to increase the speed of your hoverboard to the highest level. Many youtube tutorials encourage tampering with the hoverboard. But it might not be safe for you in all cases.

You may make an experiment to know how fast does a hoverboard go?, but that must be after taking all the precautions. To get the best speed without worrying about any danger, you have to follow some tips-

  • Avoid rough and grassy surfaces while riding a hoverboard.
  • Always use riding gears during your hoverboard journey.
  • To go faster, try to press the foot platforms of your hoverboard with force. You can slow it down by putting up the pressure. 
  • Don’t increase the speed when you feel comfortable. Reaching the highest rate may cause accidents.
  • Try to avoid muddy and watery roads.
  • Use your body to control the speed, not the head. 

Conclusion :

How do you feel after learning these essential matters about your vehicle? Without proper knowledge about a hoverboard’s speed range, you might not make the best use of it.

This article tried to show the relevant factors regarding the query how fast does a hoverboard go?.

I’m sure now you will think twice before raising your speed to the maximum level. While taking a ride, you will realize an average speed of 6-8mph is quite enough to amuse you. Now just take your hoverboard and apply your newly gained skills! 

Happy hoverboarding! 🙂

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