How does a hoverboard work : is it 100% safe?

how does a hoverboard work

Have you already become a pro at riding your hoverboard? You might have gained this skill by practicing a lot. But I have a question for you. Do you know how does a hoverboard work?

Probably not. The working technique of a hoverboard is compact with some scientific components. Several tiny parts and sensors work together to give you an excellent hoverboard ride. Every single key part of a hoverboard is essential for moving it properly.

To know the answer to how does a hoverboard work, you have to learn about its fundamental parts. Do you know about the components used to build a hoverboard? It’s pretty normal not to no. From this article, you’ll get the basic knowledge of the structure of a hoverboard. Besides, you can learn the working process of a hoverboard. 

Key Parts of a Hoverboard

key parts of a hoverboard

A hoverboard may not be a big vehicle, but it needs a number of particles to get this structure. The simultaneous working of these parts keeps the hoverboard alive. Here I’ve mentioned the essential elements that a hoverboard must contain-

  • There should be a steel frame with a central pivot device. 
  • A plastic out shell is used as a protection to the other parts.
  • The logic board, working as the control panel.
  • Two gyroscopes.
  • Two IR sensors.
  • Two electric motors.
  • Two tilt sensors.
  • Two pressure pads.
  • LED lights (optional)
  • Charging port.
  • Battery pack.
  • Power switch.

These components play separate roles for moving a hoverboard. And their functions altogether create magic!

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The Moving Techniques of a Hoverboard

Moving Techniques of a Hoverboard

You can move forward and backward with your hoverboard by shifting your body weight and keeping balance. But, do you know the primary technique behind this process? Okay, I’m describing it easily. As you know, the gyroscope is a device that detects your direction. It collects data from the tilt or speed sensors attached to the wheels. 

When you put on your body weight on the board, the sensors can detect it. The gyroscopes communicate this information to the logic board. The speed sensors and gyroscopes work simultaneously to detect your force. It is the main secret behind how does a hoverboard work. 

The pressure pads do a great job of identifying the pressure distribution. It can notice in which toe you are giving pressure and sends the Info to the logic board. As a result, your hoverboard works accurately.

Control Centre: How does a hoverboard work?

We all know that brain is the control center of the human body. Likewise, every machine contains a part that controls its overall functions. The logic board does this job in a hoverboard. You can describe it as a miniature computer fit inside the hoverboard. When you turn on the power of your scooter, the logic board starts working.

It can detect all the information sent by all others parts of the hoverboard. 

The logic board combines the signals sent by the gyroscopes and the sensors. It can identify your speed and direction. It detects your pressure point and works accordingly in moving, stopping, or turning. The logic board also controls other functions like Flashing LED lights, the relationship between the wheels and the pedals, speed acceleration, etc. 

Self-Balancing Technique

self balancing technique

The gyroscopes are the hero of maintaining the balancing feature of a hoverboard. They establish the base of your gravity on the hoverboard. The tilt sensors work as their assistance to do this task. These two components make you able to balance yourself. Moreover, they distribute your body weight and pressure properly. 

The gyroscopes process all the signals and send them to the logic board. It can identify the pressure spot on the board. The sensors help you slow down or speed up your hoverboard while riding by collecting this data.

The battery

The battery is another essential component of a hoverboard. It works with the logic board. When you turn on the power switch of your hoverboard, the battery sends a signal to the logic board. And immediately, the working process of the hoverboard starts. Usually, a lithium-ion battery of 36V-42V is used in a hoverboard. The mileage range and charging time of a hoverboard depend mainly on the battery quality. 

The Motor and Wheels

Last but not least, I’m mentioning the functions of the motor and the wheels. There are two motors attached to the hoverboard. They accelerate your speed and let you move. Besides, the two wheels set on each side of the board play an essential role. The motors allow the wheels to move at different speeds.

There are sensors attached to the wheels. They count the speed of your hoverboard at any time and sent it to the gyroscopes. By doing so, the hoverboard can control your speed.

Final Thoughts: How does a hoverboard work?

Hopefully, you have got an idea about how does a hoverboard work. It will help you to use your self-balancing scooter more precisely. It is nice to know a bit more about the vehicle you are using, right?

Happy Hoverboarding! 🙂

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