3 Awesome hoverboard tricks for Beginners & Experts

hoverboard tricks

Have you already became a master at riding your hoverboard? If so, now you might be curious to try some new tricks using your self-balancing scooter. It is the common instinct of humans to do experiments with new things. Likewise, it is pretty normal to be eager about learning exciting hoverboard tricks. 

Some riders are so excited with their hoverboards that they try to do tricks before learning to ride perfectly.  It would help if you never showed such kinds of foolishness. There is every chance to get injured if you do so. You have to be confident about your balancing skills at first. When you are sure that you can handle all the basic riding skills properly, you may go for the other hoverboard tricks.

It is not easy to become too good at showing tricks with your hoverboard. You need to practice a lot if you want to adapt the techniques accurately. Again, you must choose the right tricks to start with.

If you try an advanced hoverboard trick at your beginner stage, you might be disheartened. An appropriate trick can give you a twist in riding it. Here I am discussing some popular hoverboard tricks that you might try to perform. To help you a little bit more, I have classified the tricks according to the level of your hoverboard learning. 

Beginner Stage: Hoverboard Tricks

It is also possible for beginners to ride their hoverboards differently. You may try several tricks to make your ride more enjoyable. Here are some techniques that you might learn at the beginning stage:

hoverboard tricks

1. The Spin

Spinning is the most common trick you can do using your self-balancing scooter. By distributing your body weight on your toes, you can spin. To spin left, you need to tilt your left foot downward. Make sure that your right foot is kept flat. Here, your weight will be felt more on the left side. Gradually, you will start to spin toward the left side.

While spinning in the right direction, you have to do the opposite task. That is, press your right foot down and keep the left one flat. That’s it! Now practice this trick several times. You can surely surprise your friend by showing this hoverboard trick. 

2. Circle by One Foot

There is another spinning trick for beginners. Here, without placing your both foot at the footpads, you have to place the one. And, put your other foot on the bunker of the board, beside the first toe. You may not get the proper balance when you try it for the first time. 

To make yourself comfortable, practice moving, placing one foot on the footpad and keeping another floating. Now put your other foot on the wheel cover. Do not put excess pressure on that foot. Tilt the foot placed on the footpad to spin. When you are at ease, you may try to balance using only one foot and set the other leg on the upper side. 

3. Knee Riding

You can also show hoverboard tricks using your knees. At first, put the hoverboard in front of you. Now ride on it using your knees and shins. Keep your toes on the backside. Try to balance yourself in this pose. After that, put up your toes from the ground. Try to move by leaning forward and backwards. You can easily adapt this trick after practising a few times.

Intermediate Stage

If you are good at riding and pretty much confident about your balance, you may try these tricks. 

intermediate stage

1. The Sitting Spin

In this trick, you have to sit on your hoverboard. But of course, not as you wish. You have to place your back on one of the foot sensors. Your feet shout be kept on the wheel cover, right opposite to the sitting side. Keep your bent. Now move them sidewise. You will start to spin. Lean backwards and forwards to glide. Eventually, you will love this hoverboard trick. 

2. One-Foot Roundabout

If you want to do a bit tricky task, this one will be appropriate for you. You have to keep a good balance on your hoverboard while trying this trick. Here, you have to spin using one foot and one hand. First, stand on your hoverboard as regular. Then, slowly take off one leg from the foot sensor. Make sure that you are standing on the foot on which you are most comfortable. 

Now, place your hand on the floating leg side of the wheel protector. Keep that leg behind on the ground. Then lean yourself forward and backwards. Take off your leg from the ground and use it as spinning support. This trick will undoubtedly amaze others!

Advance Stage

Are you a pro on riding your hoverboard? If you are, then try these amazing tricks to stand out from others!

advanch stage

1. Jumping 180 degrees

You should be a brave rider whiling trying this trick. It requires a combination of balance and timing. First, stand straight on your hoverboard. Now, bend your knees a little. Take a small jump and turn yourself into 180 degrees. You should carefully watch on your hoverboard. Land on your board just on the opposite side of your previous position. By practising, you can master this trick. 

2. The Tootsie Roll

In this trick, you have to control your motion accurately. At the start, glide your hoverboard fastly. Then jump backwards from it quickly and roll over the board. When the footpad comes upwards again, hop on the board carefully. Don’t lose your concentration. Otherwise, you will surely fall.

3. Standing on Hands

It is the last trick I’m going to let you know. You have to place your hands on the middle portion of the footpads. Ensure your balance. Now, keep yourself up. Put your body upside down. Place your body weight on your hands. Try to lean towards and backwards using your hands. When you are comfortable in this position, you can move or spin easily. 

Final Thoughts

So, now you got to know about various hoverboard tricks. Just take your hoverboard and keep practising. Hopefully, you will top in no time!

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