Best GoTrax Hoverboard Reviews

gotrax hoverboard reviews

gotrax hoverboard reviews: Hello hoverboard lovers! I am back again to update you with more information about your favorite motor vehicle. You know that lots of promising hoverboard brands are serving the meets of the riders. These brands offer a variety of features and facilities. Seeing many options, it is pretty normal to get confused while choosing one. But you need to be diplomatic while doing this task.

Hoverboards may differ in their quality, price, and capacity. You have to select the right brand and model according to your need. But still, you might find several similar figures. At this moment, hoverboard reviews will help you a lot. You can learn a lot of new Infos about hoverboards through this process. And I am trying to provide new articles with reviews of some of the best hoverboard brands.

This article is on a famous hoverboard brand, GoTrax. Here, I will describe the facilities of two models of GoTrax hoverboard. This GoTrax hoverboard reviews also contains the pros and cons of these models. Moreover, you can know the unique facilities of the GoTrax hoverboard brand.

why gotrax hoverboard?

Why GoTrax Hoverboard?

GoTrax hoverboard has been a famous brand since 2017. It has been serving its customers with various models according to their needs. The main advantage of this brand is its low pricing rate. You can get a hoverboard having unique facilities within a limited budget. Again, The mechanical techniques used in this hoverboard brand are also up to the mark. 

You can get a massive variety of colors while choosing your model. It may provide a comparatively low-speed range, but you can ride for a long time after a full charge. GoTrax brand offers you several exciting models of hoverboards. You can choose among GoTrax Nova Pro, GoTrax Nova Bluetooth, GoTrax Edge, GoTrax Hoverfly ION LED, GoTrax SRX Pro, etc. The attractive designs and safety facilities upheld the popularity of this brand.

While selecting a hoverboard for your child, it would be the best decision to buy a GoTrax hoverboard. The features of this brand are especially appropriate for kids. But if you are not an overweight adult, you can also buy it without any confusion. This brand can efficiently control your balance and provide you with an enjoyable hoverboard journey. Besides, a GoTrax hoverboard usually lasts for 2-4 years of use. This GoTrax hoverboard reviews will help you to remove your confusion. 

Best GoTrax Hoverboard Reviews

Among the other models of GoTrax self-balancing scooters, here I am reviewing the best two models, in my opinion. 

1. GoTrax Nova Pro Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker

GoTrax Nova Pro Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker

One of the best models of the GoTrax brand is GoTrax Nova Pro. This model is full of unique facilities that are enough to attract customers. The Bluetooth speaker attached with this self-balancing scooter is of high sound quality. There are dual motors of 200W included in the board. You can increase the speed up to 6.2mph on this hoverboard. 

The GoTrax Nova Pro hoverboard is pretty much powerful. 36V 2.6AH battery is used in it. It takes more or less 4-5 hours to get fully charged. This model allows you to ride 5 miles continuously on a single charge. Its performance will depend on the weight of the rider. GoTrax Nova Pro can carry up to 176 lbs. Moreover, you can use this hoverboard on any kind of terrain. It has an efficient balance controlling feature that helps you to ride smoothly. 

GoTrax Nova Pro contains a unique safety label sticker. It is a UL 2272 certified one. This hoverboard’s electrical, battery, and charging systems are thoroughly checked before manufacturing it. Another fascinating feature is its wheels. This hoverboard has 6.5 inches wheels, including LED lights. This feature ensures more safety while riding at night. GoTrax Nova Pro can be a wonderful gift for kids. Overall, this inexpensive hoverboard model of GoTrax is worth buying. 


  • GoTrax Nova Pro hoverboard includes Bluetooth speaker and LED light facilities.
  • It is a lightweight hoverboard of only 6kg.
  • The hoverboard is UL 2272 safety certified.
  • It offers a high mileage range of riding on a single charge.
  • This hoverboard contains balance controlling facilities.


  • This model cannot carry riders over 17lbs.
  • It offers a comparatively low-speed range.

2. GoTrax Nova Hoverboard Self-Balancing Scooter

GoTrax Nova Hoverboard Self-Balancing Scooter

Another mentionable model for my GoTrax hoverboard reviews is its Nova Hoverboard Self-Balancing Scooter. It is a well-reviewed one within a lower price range. This model offers a smooth riding experience. You can take turns, go forward, and spin safely using it. This hoverboard’s balance controlling and safety facilities made it popular among riders.

GoTrax Nova Hoverboard contains LED lights on its 6.5 inches wheels. Headlights are also attached with it to include extra safety at night. This self-balancing scooter is UL 2272 certified. It had to face a lot of tests before it came to your hands. GoTrax Nova Hoverboard is an energetic board using a 25.2V 2.6AH battery. Besides, it has two motors of 200W. This model allows you to ride 3.1 miles on a single charge.

If you are below 176 lbs, GoTrax Nova Hoverboard is appropriate for you. You can enjoy your hoverboard speed up to 6.25mph using this model. It can move on different surfaces. The sensors attached to the footpads make your ride easy and safe. In a nutshell, this model of GoTrax hoverboard is a great one for recreational use.


  • GoTrax Nova Hoverboard provides necessary safety measures for rides.
  • It contains LED lights and headlights.
  • The board contains a powerful battery and motors.
  • It offers a smooth and effortless hoverboard journey.
  • This lightweight hoverboard is especially appropriate for kids.


  • The highest limit of speed is pretty low in this model.
  • It offers a low mileage range on a single charge.
  • It does not have a Bluetooth speaker facility.

Final Thoughts: gotrax hoverboard reviews

Final Thoughts: gotrax hoverboard reviews

Hopefully, this GoTrax hoverboard reviews will help you know the essential matters regarding this brand. I have tried to write an honest review for the benefit of the readers, who are willing to buy one. If the features of these two hoverboard models meet your need, then go for them. I hope you will like the model after using it personally. 

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