Are Hoverboards Safe or dangerous in 21st century?

are hoverboards safe

The hype for riding a hoverboard is increasing day by day. In recent times, this two-wheeled scooter gained vast popularity. But, the researchers are worried about this vehicle. Many of them are trying to figure out, are hoverboards safe? As a rider, you should also know about this vital matter.

Hoverboards are primarily popular among kids. So, the safety measures should be checked more consciously. Because of its balancing requirements, riding a hoverboard is not so easy. It is more likely to fall down and get injured while riding. It can be marked as a risk factor for a hoverboard. But you can find the possibility of some other dangers using it. 

The safety measures of a hoverboard depend mainly on its quality. You cannot accuse all the hoverboard companies of the failure of one. You must choose the best hoverboard to avoid the common risk factors. This article will answer you, are hoverboards safe? Besides, you can gain a lot of Infos about the safety measures of a hoverboard. 

Safety of a hoverboard:

Safety of a hoverboard

It is tough to answer the question, are hoverboards safe? Along with the quality, a hoverboard’s safety depends on its rider too. It is you who have to make the best use of your hoverboard. A severe danger happens when there is ignorance on the part of the rider.

To make your hoverboarding experience a fruitful one, you have to choose the right one. Also, ride the self-balancing scooter following all the instructions properly.

In the broader sense, the risk factors of a hoverboard can be divided into two parts- injuries and catching fires. There are some other issues prevalent relating to these risks. In 2016, a massive hoverboard recall campaign was made in the USA. Unfortunately, a lot of accidents happened during that period due to hoverboard riding. Many renowned hoverboard companies were accused of supplying unfit vehicles. Till that time, the risk factors of riding a hoverboard have been taken with more caution.

An investigation was made by the Consumers Products Safety Commission (CPSC)  in 2016 to check the safety measures of the hoverboards. The Commission detected a lot of irregularities in the manufacturing process. Due to supplying defective products, a large number of companies were recalled. The unfit hoverboards cause a lot of fire explosions and other accidents. After that campaign, the manufacturer companies pay more attention to ensuring safety measures. 

Hoverboard Fire Explosions:

Hoverboard Fire Explosions

The most vital risk of a hoverboard is catching fire. A lithium-ion battery is used in the hoverboard. This type of battery has a lot of advantages. It takes a little charging time and has long-lasting charge stability. It is a light-weighted battery.

So, the hoverboard can be carried easily. But despite these benefits, it has some risk factors too. 

A lithium-ion battery gets heated quickly. So, if you keep your hoverboard on charge for a long time, it might catch fire. The flammable liquid electrolytes are the reason for its explosion. During the campaign of CPSC, many hoverboard companies were recalled for ignoring the fire prevention measures. The Commission declared that every hoverboard should be certified by UL before its manufacture. 

During 2017, there were many incidents of hoverboard explosions. The Commission reported 13 burn injuries and three smoke inhaling injuries. Properties of about $4 million were damaged due to hoverboard explosions. Moreover, two children died in such an accident. Above forty hoverboards caught fire in the 19 States of the USA during that time. These all are caused due to the ill-fit hoverboards.

Other Risk Factors:

Risk Factors For Hoverboard

Suppose you have bought the best hoverboard. You might have less tension about its explosion. But some other factors will not give you a chance to stay totally stress-free. However, some common incidents might happen while riding a hoverboard. I’m discussing some of them.

  • Balancing Issues: A hoverboard ride depends entirely on your balancing capacity. It is hard to be comfortable riding it.  The hoverboard has a pretty low centre of gravity. So, you need to have the proper core strength to ride a hoverboard. Otherwise, you might lose your balance and fall down. There are many incidents of bone fractures and other injuries after a hoverboard accident.
  • Speed controlling ability: People mostly ride a hoverboard within a speed of 6mph to 12mph. It might be challenging to maintain the pace when you move fast. It is another reason for hoverboard accidents.
  • Traffic accidents: Riding a hoverboard on a busy road is the most dangerous matter. Large vehicles might run on you if you become unconscious for a moment. 
  • Weight limitations: Most of the hoverboards require a minimum of 45 pounds of weight for riding them. So, if you buy a hoverboard for your child without checking this limitation, it might cause great danger.
  • Steep hill riding: Your hoverboard might not support riding up or down over 30 degrees. There are no height limits mentioned in the hoverboard manual. Still, it is seen that comparatively tall people face difficulties while riding on a steep hill. 

If you can ride your hoverboard keeping all these factors in mind, you can expect a safer hoverboard journey!

Tips for the Safe Use of a Hoverboard:

Tips for the Safe Use of a Hoverboard

It is impossible to answer the question accurately, are hoverboards safe?. After reading the risks mentioned above, you might think that it is not safe to ride a hoverboard. But By following some measures, you can make it safe. Here are some of the safety techniques-

  • Wear safety gear like helmets, knee and elbow pads while riding.
  • Practise balancing on a smooth surface. Do not try to ride a hoverboard on a busy or rough road before having perfect balance control.
  • Buy a hoverboard containing UL 2272 certificate. 
  • Make sure not to buy a hoverboard that has been enlisted to recall by the CPSC.
  • Do not increase your hoverboard speed by more than 7-8mph.
  • Do not overcharge your hoverboard. Keep it in a cool place after charging. 
  • Charge your hoverboard in a ventilated place during the daytime. Never go to sleep while charging. 

If you follow these things, hopefully, you can enjoy your hoverboard riding safely.


Final Thoughts: are hoverboards safe?

girl ridding hoverboard

As much as a hoverboard can give you enjoyment, it can be a cause of accidents too. So, you must be aware of ensuring safety measures while buying it. By using this self-balancing hoverboard accurately, you can decrease its infamy of being dangerous.

We hope you liked this article about [Are hoverboards safe]. comment below & inform us about your thoughts.

Happy Hoverboard Ridding 🙂

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